Warpstone Vial

A glass vial containing a small chunk of Warpstone


An eight inch glass cylinder, two inches in diameter, stoppered at both ends with dark cork. It weighs perhaps eight ounces. One end is also sealed in red wax, then wrapped with three inches of thin brown string. Inside the vial is a chunk of greenish-black stone that pulses and glows with a sickly green color. Within a few feet of the vial, observers feel a mild prickly feeling, their hair stands on end and a dull ache sets in the edges of their teeth.


The vial was found in a box that was delivered to Wurzen’s apothecary Hans Plavec, a part of his regular shipment of expensive, but otherwise mundane herbs and ingredients sent to him weekly by an agent downriver in Talabec. The box is wooden, well made, a foot long by eight inches wide and six inches deep. The lid is tacked into place, and inside the vial was packed in a wad of straw, like all of Plavec’s shipments.

The box and its contents were last seen in the hands of Professor Mundle Haffaneuse in the Great Hall of Stormcrown Castle. Also present were Vaclav Eindmann von Gerd, the Baron of Wurzen, and the High Priest of Sigmar’s temple in Wurzen.

Warpstone Vial

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