Warhammer: Hammer Fall

The Shadow of the Forest
Nachhexen 30, 2521

Dark forestAfternoon, in the spring. Heavy clouds overhead diffuse the sun’s light into a grey wash. Rain falls, light and steady, as it has all day. As it has all week. The North Talabec Road has dissolved into thick mud.

A rider appears suddenly around the bend of the road. Klaus, a veteran guardsman, is drawn to the movement at the edge of the forest. He raises a hand to shield his eyes from the drizzle. Half a mile away. Black horse. Wheels around, twice, before the rider pushes on toward the gate. A fast trot, splashing through the muck. Weaving through a line of refugees in the road.

“Wilhelm.” Klaus summons one of the other guardsmen keeping watch as the customs men levy tolls and fees on entrants to the city. Wilhelm, tall, young, wisp of a beard steps through the knot of people and wagons gathered near outside the gate.

“He better slow down,” says the younger man, “someone could get hurt.” Everyone at the gate is now watching. They begin scattering to either side of the road. Fifteen feet away, the rider reins the horse in. It stumbles and the rider loses his seat. Falls hard, on his back, a loud smack and a big grunt as he hits the muddy earth. The little crowd is startled.

Sent from Shallya's Hospice
Nachhexen 29, 2521

Letter shallya

The Crusade of the Templars of Sigmar
Nachhexen 28, 2521

Witch hunters notice

A Most Unfortunate Delivery
One long day in Wurzen

Just another normal Wellentag for Dieter Mannschlieb. At the beginning of every week, a barge from Talabec arrives in the morning, filled with a variety of cargo, packages and mail for the Imperial city of Wurzen. Dieter and his crew unload the barge, sorting through the packages and then carting them up, up, up the ramps to the top of the bluff.

Dieter has a special job on Wellentag: Unload and deliver the regular delivery of small boxes to the Apothecary Hans Plavec in the High District. This task will earn Dieter as much silver as he’ll make all week on the docks.

Today, however, Dieter’s delivery causes nothing but trouble. One of the boxes contains a vial of glowing green-black ore that gives off a palpable, prickly energy. Plavec summons the only person he can think of to determine the identity of the substance: Professor Haffanuse, the closest thing the city has to a sage.


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