The Docks
The docks are a fairly recent addition to the city, having originally been nothing more than a pier at the base, and a crane 70 feet above atop the bluff. About two hundred year ago, construction began on a series of ramps and platforms, secured in the stone of the bluff and reaching out up to thirty feet over the river below. Now, the docks are a vertical district of the city, home to a couple of hundred dock hands and lower class families, several taverns, and the Dock Workers Guild Hall. Good and visitors from the river make their way to a wall courtyard atop the bluff before they are cleared to enter the city. The construction of docks is generally good. The heavy oak timbers and sides of buildings are covered with deep green moss.

The Dockworkers Guildhall
The impressive headquarters of one of the city’s most powerful factions.

The Golden Catfish
The Dock’s most famous landmark.

Shrine of Manann
Not much more than a shack on the end of a pier, but don’t let that fool you.

The High Distrikt

The Old Distrikt
The Cathedral of Sigmar

Marketplatz and the Platz

City Hall
The Mayor’s Office and the City Jail

The Glockenturm
The Bell Tower

The Merchant’s Guildhall
The most powerful business owners in the city

Wurzen’s premiere brothel

The Drunken Kossar
Gambling House and Tavern

The Hammer and the Wolf Roadhouse
Historic Coaching House, older than the city itself

Hospice of Shallya
Hospital and shrine to the Healing Goddess

House Handler
Merchant Warehouse and Office

House Fuhrman
Merchant Warehouse and Office

House Verwalter
Merchant Warehouse and Office

House Kaufman
Merchant Warehouse and Office

Ostrand Nord
The Shrine of Taal

Outside the Walls
Gardens of Morr
Temple of Morr, cemetary and catacombs


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