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City of Wurzen

The City of Wurzen is a small Imperial city in Ostland, in the Northwestern frontier of the Empire. Situated along the Talabec River between Talabheim and Kislev, Wurzen is a minor trade hub serving a number of towns and villages in the region. You can read more about the history of Wurzen here.

The North Talabec Road southeast of Wurzen.

The city is built on a bluff overlooking the Talabec River and situated along the North Talabec Road. The city is enclosed by curtain walls and guard towers, with two gates. The Road passes through the gates, thus requiring merchant caravans to pay the toll or spend an extra day slogging through the muddy fields outside the walls. Within the gates, the Road is referred to as the Marketplatz, and it’s lined with stables, taverns, inns, flop houses, blacksmith shops, general stores, whorehouses and the occasional shrine. Near the center of town the Marketplatz spills out into the Platz, the city’s main market.

South of the Platz, the terrain rises quickly to Stormcrown Castle and the smaller curtain wall that encloses the Castle and the High Distrikt. Wurzen’s wealthiest citizens live here in tall, ornate townhouses.

Between the High Distrikt and the Marketplatz lies the Old Distrikt, a middle class neighborhood. The Cathedral of Sigmar, still under construction, rises above the tightly packed two and three story residences and shops.

The main hall of the Cathedral of Sigmar. Although still under construction, the temple is open and very active.

The walls north of the Marketplatz enclose the district known as Ortsrand Nord. Shabby, dirty and dangerous describe the tenements and wooden shacks that surround the city’s few factories and more unpleasant businesses like the tanneries and a brewery. One small hill in this district is home to the Shrine of Taal. A portion of the northern wall, perhaps a hundred feet long, collapsed recently when an unidentified cult ritual failed, resulting in a huge sinkhole.

Outside Wurzen, the Great Forest has been cleared within a thousand yards of the walls. This space, once kept clear for defensive purposes, is now filled with tiny farm plots, pig pens, and the tents of refugees who fled their homes in fear of Chaos armies, but who can’t afford to move into the city itself. One large, square mound of dirt is used by regiments of Imperial soldiers on campaign against the Chaos armies.

The City of Wurzen Continued…

Stormcrown Castle
Built on the ruins of a bandit fort, Stormcrown Keep was intended to safeguard travel along the river and the North Talabec Road for Imperial merchants. Over the years, the site began to attract villagers, foresters, hunters and artisans seeking refuge from the bandits and the occasional marauder warbands. Read more on the Castle and its history here.

Important Locations

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A typical farmstead in Ostland.

Player Characters

Deiter Mannschlieb (Christian)

Hans Plavec (Joey)

Key Personalities
Vaclav Eindmann von Gerd
Wiglas Fulmar
Lucius the Black

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